Dwayne Whitson of Statley Scapes

Washed Out

Dwayne Whitson of Statley Scapes in Cookeville, Tennessee is a veteran when it comes to using polymeric sand for his hardscaping projects and owns one of the first companies in the state to carry the Alliance line of products.

Dwayne considers himself a proud supporter of the Gator polymeric sands, “I have experienced some failures with other brands and I just keep going back to Alliance. I just don’t have the problems. I mean, I know what I’m getting when I get Alliance sand.”

However, he could not have expected what he encountered when the city needed to repair some incorrectly installed storm drains that ran beneath the civic walkway which Dwayne had installed a year earlier.

His company was called back in to remove an area of paving stones to allow for the necessary repairs. “They discovered that some of the lines weren’t connected properly and actually all the aggregates had shifted and gotten into the pipes, backing the storm water drains up,” Dwayne explained in a phone interview.

“Well once we got on site, we started removing pavers, and discovered all these voids underneath. So, it was a shock to us to find out that people had been walking on top of these pavers, with three or four feet of space between that and the pipes. I mean you could run your hand underneath the pavers. […] the only thing that was holding them in mid air was the joints and the sand.”

Despite all of his experience with polymeric sand, Dwayne would have never expected that the Alliance Gator Supersand alone would be capable of acting as a bridge and supporting the full weight of pedestrian traffic. While this is obviously not the intended use for the product, once he had made this discovery he pulled out a camera and snapped the photos that you see alongside this article.

“When we got down, you could fit a whole body down in there. And literally we had one small guy that was down in the hole and the pavers were above him,” said Dwayne describing one of the photos.

The two other photos seen here help to further illustrate the bonding power of the Gator Supersand, with pavers hanging onto one another connected by nothing but the polymeric joint sand. “So, that’s just an amazing story that tells just how good the product is.”

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