Gator Supersand vs. Brand X

Compare and contrast

“I’ve been doing polymeric sand for a long time, so I would say that I am well qualified to install polymeric sand,” started Dwayne Whitson during a recent phone conversation, “well, you know the old cliché: the proof is in the pudding!”

Dwayne runs Statley Scapes based in Cookeville, Tennessee and has been using the Alliance Gator line of products for years. “I was one of the first people with Alliance products in the state of Tennessee and so I go back several years with using the product.”

Dwayne and his company handle tens of thousands of square feet of paving stones every year, “we’re primarily a hardscape contracting company. We provide service for retaining walls, brick pavers and outdoor living areas.” He then went on to compare an experience he had with “Brand X,” as he called it, to a similar situation with the Gator Supersand.

“So, I have a job in Arkansas, 5,500 sq. ft. Well, all I was hired to do, was to install the job, it was sold to a dealer and of course, they use a different brand of sand.

“Well, I put down sand on most of the job except for about 500 sq. ft., and it was 70° on the day I left. […] We go in the next morning and I start looking at the radar and there’s an ice storm on its way to Arkansas. Okay, temperatures are going to drop. Y’know, if I’ve got one hour with Alliance, I’m good, y’know? I’m golden. “Well, a rep and a rep for this other sand company, they go by the job and they tell me how bad the sand looks. They said it’s all over the tops of the pavers. So, now we have a 5,000-sq.-ft.-plus job that we have to redo.

“Now, I did everything textbook, it had at least 24hrs of 50°-70° weather. But this company tells me, that because the ice happened so soon, and because it was fresh product and that the ice stayed on the project for about a week and as it slowly melted, it lifted the polymers out of the product and they basically floated away. So, I’m having to go back and redo this job at my expense, this other company is not doing anything about it. […] So I have to eat all this labor and nobody is reimbursing me for it. So, needless to say, I’m not impressed with their product.”

To follow up this terrible tale, Dwayne shared a similar story about the Gator Brand of polymeric sand that he uses, which produced very different results.

“So, I have a small job to do in February, it’s in Tennessee, it’s 600 sq. ft. So, I call the guy I’m doing the job for, and I’m telling him, ‘David, look, I can’t put the polymeric sand down, these temperatures are just not going to be right.’

“He said, ‘I’ll tell you what, I appreciate you being honest, but if I have to pay you to come back in the spring to fix it, then so be it.’

“Well, I happened to be in that same town about two months ago and I thought, ‘you know, I’m going to go by and check on this, nobody’s called me.’ I go by and start testing it and the sand is hard as it can be. What I’m saying is: I could not have tried any harder to make a failure, and it preformed.”

This is just one example of why Dwayne and many others like him have made the switch to Alliance’s Gator line of products. “When it comes down to it, Alliance is one of the best products I’ve found on the market.”

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